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Pay attention to shocks and struts

Did you know that keeping a car in good shape for a long period of time means being careful about even small parts? Shocks and struts can be taken for granted but when they start going bad, they need attention as soon as you can give it.

The problem is not going to go away and it gets worse as the weather gets rougher. If you notice any of the symptoms below, or if your car fails the bounce test, have the shocks and struts looked at as soon as you can. There is a bounce test for checking on condition shocks and struts. All you have to do is push down on the front or the rear of the car as hard as you can and then take your hands off. No bounce means that is no problem and the parts are fine. A bounce suggests a problem is starting or is already there.

To prevent some real serious shaking, bouncing and rolling, you need to be aware of when the shocks and struts are going bad. There are some warning signs and you need to pay attention:

The cars stay level thanks to the shocks and struts. If you are putting on the brakes and the front end suddenly dips forward, there is a problem with the shocks and struts. There’s also a phenomenon known as squats. It happens when the rear end of your car goes down as you accelerate.

Excessive Bouncing
The car will bounce a little on rough roads, and the shocks and struts will absorb most of the jolt. However, if you find yourself driving over a bump and it causes you to clear your seat, you have some difficulties with the shocks and the struts. This is a situation that really needs to take care of as soon as possible.

Tire Bouncing.
This is also a serious situation because it impacts your tires. Bad shocks and struts will result in the tires doing some bouncing as you drive. The wheels are responding to the road, and the pavement is going to start having an effect on the tread in the rubber. It is quite possible that your tires will wear out much faster because the shocks and struts are not keeping things level.

Leaking Fluid
Piston and hydraulic fluid are within the shock and struts. Leaking can happen but fortunately, this is not a major problem. Nevertheless, if you see what looks to be leaks near the tires, it is worthwhile to bring the car into the auto service center for inspection.

Difficulty Handling the Car.
Whenever you are driving in bad weather the car will respond to wind gusts and wet pavement. Yet, if under ordinary circumstances you are having trouble with the car shifting from side to side, there is something wrong with your shocks and struts. This is another situation that requires immediate attention. The car is supposed to be steady at all times. If you are experiencing a swaying motion, you may discover that other parts of the car such as the brakes are being adversely affected.

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