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About Us

Universal Shocks Ltd stocks the widest range of shocks and struts for all motor vehicles in Jamaica.

We have a wealth of experience and are focused on improving the safety of your motor vehicle with genuine struts and shock absorbers.

By consistently delivering world class ride control products, we have become Jamaica's largest supplier of OE and aftermarket shocks and struts for cars, pickups, light trucks & buses with over 20 years experience.

While much of Universal Shocks' overall sales are from automotive shock absorbers, we also carry a wide range of hydraulic and electronic equipment used in a variety of applications in many aspects of modern life. Vehicular and transportation applications include power steering systems, automotive electronics, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, special use vehicles, railroading, aircraft, and maritime shipping.

The varied uses and applications of Universal Shocks products and equipment demonstrate our commitment to helping create a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable society.

Shocks and struts for all make vehicles in Jamaica. Courier and delivery services available islandwide (conditions apply).